Landscape Observation

Переводы на английский некоторых наших статей: чтобы иностранным посетителям сайта было понятно, о чём здесь пишем.

Перевод на английский наших статей

Translations into English of some of our articles: to foreign site visitors was clear about what we write here.


Wooden construction on the background of man-made forest
Ancient legends in landscape art for park on the bank or the river in Tel Aviv… solicitous attitude...
Waterfall made of large stones with plants on its slopes and a pond with plants
Coming back from another trip to Ekaterinburg, fate gave us an unexpected gift - a wonderful...
Swimming pool in the garden
A swimming pool with its entire infrastructure is a serious construction. It is not easy to add it...
Shaped bushes and rock fringes on the background of trees and colored pavage
We are in a young garden in the center of one of the most mysterious and most densely populated...
Ornately shaped hedges on the retaining wall
Landscape design and Torah commandments: intermixture of gardening and kashrut. What if we slowly...
Stone arch, fence and large trees
Most of all in foreign countries I like, without any excursions just by myself walking to...
Trees and shrubs with colorful foliage along the wide walkway
Autumn in South Korea would never pour all paint at once. As a true oriental beauty, it intrigues...
Trees with autumn colored foliage and small bright houses along the roadway
I have always associated towns and its landscaping, which reflect the mentality of people living...
The Elephant made of flowering plants in a meadow with a pink flower ribbon on the background of the court
There is not a single eastern country without mysteries and specific features. South Korea in this...


Дистанционное (удалённое) ландшафтное проектирование

Дистанционное (удалённое) ландшафтное проектирование

Дистанционное (удалённое) ландшафтное проектирование